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This year’s Small Business Week is all about finding the way forward, together.

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With the difficulties faced by the business community over the past 19 months, it is clear that the world is facing long term disruption. Growing labor shortage and the rise of remote work, With the expansion of digital commerce and increasingly frequent climate events, Canadian entrepreneurs will need to focus on innovation, inclusion and sustainability to succeed amid these changes.

Small Business Week brings together business owners from across the country in an annual celebration of entrepreneurs. Strathcona County is pleased to continue to support the local business community by hosting its annual Small Business Week conference online. This accessible conference is an opportunity to learn, connect and celebrate the people who build businesses and the local economy.

Get together virtually for a free conference on Wednesday, October 20 to learn important strategies to help improve your business. The half-day event will run from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., and attendees will have the opportunity to hear about the different ways their business can grow and develop, while supporting local production. Be sure to register in advance online at to reserve your spot.

Speakers will cover a wide range of topics including technology, global opportunities, business decision making and sourcing for major industrial partners.

In “Technology, the future and you! », A technology expert specializing in cybersecurity and privacy, social media and management, David Papp will show how technology can help your business adapt and improve. He will explain how businesses and individuals can embrace technology and thrive in the online world.

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“Unlocking Global Opportunities and Working Capital” is for small and medium-sized businesses that often fail to realize their growth potential. By focusing on key export markets, local businesses can explore the global economy, access international supply chains, and find unique working capital solutions. Learn from Joben Lopez of Export Development Canada, Northern Alberta Market, as he discusses mitigating the risk of doing business in other countries while continuing to support working capital for the local production.

Need help making important decisions? Presented by the county’s economic development and tourism specialists, the “Making Smarter, Faster and Better Business Decisions” session will identify the tools and data available to help entrepreneurs make better decisions for their business. Gain valuable insight into the local economy, customers, and the competition, and see what makes Strathcona County the best choice for investing.

From printing to electrical subcontracting services, our local and large industrial partners have a wide variety of purchasing needs. The “Purchasing for Large Industry Partners” session will help you understand the process and detail how you, the local business owner, can navigate your way through the supply chain.

In Strathcona County, we value small businesses and are committed to their success. In addition to the Small Business Week conference, the Economic Development team offers many programs and services to support businesses throughout the year.

Whether it’s helping a business owner meet challenges, being a catalyst for their growth, or providing relevant contacts through networking or concierge services, you’re likely to find support at Economic Development and Tourism for all stages of the company’s life cycle. All companies are encouraged to contact us by email or call 780-416-8095.

You can in Strathcona County.

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