Rental crisis: Viral TikTok compares what $400 rentals look like in Australia


Australia is in the midst of a rental crisis. It may be a nationwide problem, but a viral TikTok has proven it to be much worse in some cities than others.

TikTok user @samshouse searched the internet to find out what was available for $400 a week in Australia and shared his findings in a two-part series. News that will come as no surprise to anyone living in NSW – the closer you get to Sydney, the worse it gets.

According to the TikTok, Sydney apparently has nothing to offer for less than $400 other than car space.

Although technically incorrect – Port City studios can be had for $300-400 – it highlights the dire state of the rental market and cost of living pressures in major Australian cities.

According to the video, $400 a week in Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Darwin will actually see you pretty well settled in a cute, modern one-bedroom apartment (read: not with cracked floors and moldy walls, both of which are must-haves for rental in Sydney).

Although it’s another of Australia’s most popular cities, $400 a week in Melbourne gets you a cute new twin bedroom. My jealousy is palpable – though more than one commentator wondered where she got such a bargain in this artsy city.

“Where the hell are you so good at Melbourne OMG,” one asked.

“Lol what a Melbourne suburb coz(sic) it’s defs(sic) lower than usual,” wrote another.

‘I don’t know where you got that flat in Melbourne as you get nothing for less than $600 a week,’ another wrote.

Even though renting in Sydney is a nightmare, especially right now, I’m personally in a mid-west studio for less than $400 a week – not much less, but less. Other TikTok users are also questioning the accuracy of the searches performed in this video.

“Okay, but I was looking for 2 rooms in Parramatta for $350 a week,” one wrote. What I have to answer, does Parramatta really count as Sydney?

“OMG my flat is in town, a bed for $400 in Sydney,” another wrote. I need to know more about this magical case.

Some Queensland TikTokkers also strongly disagreed with what was on offer in their city – even claiming ownership was in Toowoomba, not Brisbane.

Perth, however, seems to be pretty, so I guess it’s time we all moved there.

“Um in Perth I got a three bedroom, two bathroom house with a garden and two garages for 300 a week?!? Perth isn’t that bad but I got a good deal,” one commented. very lucky tenant.

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