Nightly rentals will be taken into account in the Dakota Pacific draft plan



The council, meeting live at the Richins services pavilion and also electronically, will resume the project around 4 p.m., for two hours of discussions. No decision is planned.

Dakota Pacific Real Estate wants to build 1,100 residential units in a mixed-use development called Park City Junction in Kimball Junction, in the area known as Tech Center where Skullcandy and Park City Vistors Center are located. The project provides for over 1.7 million gross square feet of development and also includes office, commercial / retail and hotel space.

County development director Pat Putt said overnight rentals and all other aspects of the big project are subject to council management. He noted that of the 1,100 residential units, 336 are labor restricted units by deed and more than 500 units at market rate. Only long term rentals would be allowed in these.

Putt said developers have requested that nightly rentals be allowed in 100 townhouses and 80 condos that will be for sale at market rates.

“For townhouses and condominiums, the demand is that they be allowed to rent by the night like other whole property units for sale in Summit County. No recommendation at this stage. The board did not discuss it as a whole. They will participate in the working session tomorrow evening. And we’ll see where this discussion takes us.

Putt said he couldn’t explain why the applicants wanted overnight rentals. But he said they are licensed for homes across the county.

“Unless limited by an act to prohibit it, all residential units in Summit County are eligible for overnight rentals, provided they obtain the necessary permits, including a business license, through the county clerk’s office. ”

Putt added that the purpose of Wednesday’s meeting is to have a fairly in-depth discussion of Dakota Pacific and to update the board on a project that has evolved.

He said the idea is to prepare the board for a public hearing. It is tentatively scheduled for November 17e. On this, too, Putt said they were waiting for a reaction from the council.



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