Nairobi’s tallest tower, GTC, now open for business


NAIROBI, Kenya December 23-The Global Trade Center (GTC) office tower was illuminated in an auspicious ceremony Wednesday evening to mark its readiness for occupation. President Uhuru Kenyatta flipped the switch to light up the 42-story 184-meter skyscraper that has been under construction since October 2014.

“The lighting of the GTC office tower was intended to express our willingness to rent office space in the newest addition to the Nairobi skyline,” said Gong Yuxian, general manager of Avic in Kenya.

“As the Government of Kenya, we congratulate the AVIC team on this important milestone, and as a flagship project of Kenya’s Vision 2030, I am proud to see it come to fruition,” said President Uhuru Kenyatta.

A perfect office space and location is often at the forefront of any business owner‘s mind when looking for a new office. The skyscraper is located in Westlands, Nairobi’s emerging central business district, next to Waiyaki Way and Forest Road, two of the city’s arteries that connect the city’s motorway network.

Its location is ideal for Fortune Global 500 companies and renowned global corporations looking to take advantage of mixed-use development and take advantage of the AAA world-class office space the building offers.

“The GTC tower was built using the HOPSCA (hotel, office, parking, shopping center, convention and apartment) concept for the architectural design. The first of its kind in East Africa with the aim of improving the quality of life and increasing the residential value of the Westland region. Yuxian added.

HOPSCA projects essentially create the ideal housing model and meet the needs of tenants who seek interconnection with its surrounding areas.

“In a busy city like Nairobi, tenants are increasingly looking for multi-purpose premises that can meet their daily needs and activities at their doorstep, eliminating the need to go to the office or get stuck in traffic to get jobs. basic needs such as groceries, and going to the gym, ”Yuxian said.

The GTC project is an ultra-premium HOPSCA in Nairobi that has the tallest office tower in East Africa, a 35-story hotel tower that will house the luxury five-star JW Marriot hotel, 4 residential apartment towers and with services from 24 to 28 floors. & a luxury shopping center.

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Since the start of construction of the Global Trade Center (GTC) project, investor AVIC International Real Estate (Kenya) Ltd has made direct investments valued at over Ksh 40 billion. The development has created jobs for thousands of Kenyans, and it is intended to create several business opportunities for the Kenyan economy.

the I love the Nairobi logo is imprinted on the high-rise windows of the GTC office tower to celebrate the city’s cultural diversity and vibrancy as well as to communicate optimism to Nairobi residents and tourists.

“Nairobi is a lovely city with a mix of amazing cultures, friendly people and great weather. We decided to print the I love the Nairobi logo on the building to show our love and appreciation for the city. The completion of the GTC Office Tower is a sign that Kenya is attracting strong investors, ”added Yuxian.

Nairobi’s skyline has undergone significant changes in recent years. The 42-story 3A Plus GTC office tower crosses the city’s new skyline, marking Westland’s rise to the city’s business hub.

The combination of infrastructure development and new buildings has seen Nairobi lose its old appearance and transform into a modern metropolis. GTC represents a comprehensive upgrade of the urban way of life in Kenya with its four benchmarks of invaluable flows of global elites, intelligence and capital.


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