Lewisville plans pilot program to offer boat and jet ski rentals at Lake Park


The City of Lewisville is considering a pilot program that would contract with a supplier to offer boat and jet ski rentals at Lake Park. (Courtesy of the City of Lewisville)

The City of Lewisville is considering a pilot program that would contract with a supplier to offer boat and jet ski rentals at Lake Park.

Stacie Anaya, director of the Parks and Recreation Department, briefed Lewisville City Council in a Nov. 3 working session of the possible program for Lake Lewisville. Council members encouraged the ministry to move forward with the implementation.

If a viable supplier can be found by mid-February, the ships are expected to be in the water on the US Army Corps of Engineers-controlled lake by March and operate until October, according to discussions during the meeting.

“We don’t really have control over the dealers,” Anaya said of the existing boat rental providers operating in Lake Park and near Tower Bay. “We really have limited recourse to deal with them. United States [Army] Body [of Engineers] was not in favor of a formal program until now.

Lewisville leases Lake Park to the Corps, and the city is authorized to enter into agreements with third-party vendors after City Council and Corps approval.

According to Anaya’s presentation, the Parks and Recreation Department is considering a vendor with proof of liability insurance along with photos and registration information for any watercraft that would be on the lake. Additionally, the seller would have a limited complaint and citation history over the past five years and could pass a background check conducted by the Corps.

Preference would be given to a Lewisville-based company, according to the presentation slides.

According to the additional requirements listed by Anaya, the seller would be required to park only in designated areas in Lake Park, would have to remain on site for the duration of the rental, would have to collect their watercraft after hours and would be prohibited. to sublet or subcontract his license with the city and Corps.

The council’s main concern, raised by Mayor Pro Tem Kristin Green, was the inherent danger of the boats being operated by inexperienced tenants. She suggested that the seller be required to do a boaters education demonstration before renters are allowed to board the vessels.

“This is one of the main reasons the Corps allowed us to do this, because when we presented this we said they should have a security and communications plan,” Anaya said. “One of the things we put in there was understanding the safety rules and usage guidelines, [and] making sure there are life jackets on each of the ships, which has been one of the issues. “

She said it was essential to have the seller on site while the ships were on the water.

“What is happening is they drop it off and go, and there is no oversight of what is going on,” Anaya told the board.


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