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A reminder to citizens who run short-term rentals, like Airbnb and VRBO, that a new city ordinance taking effect January 24, 2022, will require all short-term rentals to be licensed and licensed by the City. Read the full press release below:

Permits will now be required to protect the fabric of neighborhoods with single-family homes and ensure complementary use within the various designated zoning areas.

All short-term rentals permitted within the city limits will be required to be at least 200 feet from another short-term rental, obtain an annual business license, limit occupancy based on total number of bedrooms, provide parking appropriate, prohibit events and display the following information within the unit:

  • Name and contact details of the person responsible for the daily operations of the rental.
  • A copy of the occupancy certificate.
  • A copy of the approved business license.
  • Trash and recycling collection schedule.
  • City of Joplin Noise Ordinance.
  • A statement that no short term rentals are to be rented or used for the sole purpose of receptions, parties, weddings or other similar events.

In order to obtain a short-term rental license, applicants will need to complete the application, apply for an annual business license, provide a legal description of the property, provide a site plan of the property, and pay all applicable fees. Staff will approve or deny a request within 30 days.

Once an application is received, a notice will be mailed to all property owners within 185 feet of the property in question. Those wishing to protest the use of short-term rental must return a protest petition to the Department of Planning, Development and Neighborhood Services, within 15 days of the postmark of said notice. If more than 30% of the land area within 185 feet is in protest, the application will automatically be denied.

In the first 30 days after January 24, all permit applications received will not be subject to the 200 foot distance requirement. In addition, any citizen who has a valid and approved special use permit for short-term rental will not be subject to permit fees.

For more information, please see the Short-Term Rentals Information page on the City’s website.


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