Did Cardi B start her own doll business?


11 March 2021, 15:37

Did Cardi B start her own doll business?

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What is Cardi B’s doll business called? Why did she start making her own fashion doll?

Cardi B is one of the richest rap musicians to date, but that hasn’t stopped her from embarking on new ventures.

The “WAP” rapper revealed that she started her own doll business, inspired by her two-year-old daughter Kulture, whom she shares with her husband Offset.

But why did Cardi B start a doll business? And what is it called?

  1. What is Cardi B’s doll business called?

    Cardi B doll was created and designed to be like her, full of character and personality.

    The doll was launched in partnership with a doll brand owned and operated by minority women “Real women are”.

    Cardi B reveals the doll she throws with 'Real Women Are'

    Cardi B reveals the doll she throws with ‘Real Women Are’.

    Image: Instagram

    In a statement, Cardi B said: “Today, more than ever, it is important for me to give my daughter inspiration and bada, women to admire.”

    “Working with Real Women Are is a chance for me to provide my daughter and other little girls with something that looks like them to play with and inspire them. “

    The star added, “We’re in the White House now, but we’re still so far behind in other places. Representation matters.”

  2. When did Cardi B release her own doll toys?

    Cardi B initially announced the launch of her own doll during an appearance on the Today’s show Friday (March 5)

    Sharing a mockup of the toy on her Instagram account, Cardi wrote:

    ‘BARDI GANG !! I drop my own doll TODAY! Inspired by me. Created by me. Designed by me. ‘

    Cardi B reveals she is taking out her doll on Instagram

    Cardi B reveals that she is releasing her doll on Instagram.

    Image: Instagram

    ‘Thank you @officialrealwomenare. It means so much, ”she captioned the image with a slew of hashtags, including“ #DollsforAll ”.

    The limited edition item will be available to the general public in July. However, the presale slots sold out shortly after their release on Friday morning (March 5).

    Cardi has revealed that she will be posting more dolls that look like her. The star also revealed that she hopes to continue designing dolls for other artists.

  3. Where can I buy Cardi B’s doll?

    Cardi B dolls are available for purchase at realwomenare.com.

    For now, the dolls are sold out.

    However, those who have booked the exclusive limited edition Cardi B doll at $ 35 within 72 hours of launch are guaranteed to buy a doll in July.

    Cardi B's doll sold out moments after its release on Friday March 5th.

    Cardi B’s doll sold out moments after its release on Friday March 5th.

    Image: Instagram

  4. What was the controversy surrounding Cardi B’s doll business?

    While many praised Cardi B for selling her fashion doll, others called out the star for starting a business instead of new music.

    Critics led Cardi B to delete her Twitter account. The “Bodak Yellow” star then took to Instagram Live to rant.

    ‘I have so much pressure. I work on a lot of things to please people… ‘began Cardi B.

    ‘I want to please my fans, because you’ve been asking me for something for a very long time that I can’t say, and I’m doing it for you…’ eh, you drop a f-king doll, we want an album! ‘ How am I supposed to be rich? How am I supposed to build my net worth? She said.

    She continued, “I constantly have to spend money on these dolls because my daughter constantly wants me to buy these dolls. So why don’t I go into the doll business? She explained.

    “And every two weeks a new doll comes out and the girls sell, so I’m going to sell mine,” she added.


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