Berkshire Hills Bancorp Expands 44th Corporate Capital Division With Two Seasoned SBA Credit Professionals



BOSTON, October 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. (NYSE: BHLB), the parent company of Berkshire Bank, a socially responsible bank dedicated to the community with branches in New England and new York, is delighted to announce the addition of two seasoned credit professionals to its 44 Business Capital team.

Marissa ames and Lynne singletary Join Berkshire Bank’s 44 Business Capital team of experienced credit professionals.

This expansion further supports Berkshire Exciting Strategic Transformation Program (BEST) and ongoing commitment to businesses and entrepreneurs. New team members will bring additional lending expertise and support to every client relationship.

“Marissa and Lynne are talented lenders who know firsthand the impacts that good loans can have on the businesses and communities they serve,” said Greg Poehlmann, SVP, Business Banking Services at 44 Business Capital. “They learned this by spending decades in the SBA lending environment, creating value not only for businesses, but also by helping to strengthen communities. This kind of knowledge and capacity is essential for lending to companies. small enterprises.”

More information on their background is included below.

Marissa ames joined 44 Business Capital as FVP, SBA Lending. Ms. Ames has over 21 years of experience in financial services, focusing exclusively on SBA loans since 2005. She has spent 16 years working with various national SBA lenders. Most recently, she was Senior Development Manager at First Internet Bank. She is recognized for her approach to customer service, strategy and commitment. Ms. Ames has worked with entrepreneurs and recommended companies to assess, structure finance and, most importantly, understand the financial needs of each borrower. Ms. Ames holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Texas A&M University. She serves the South florida Region.

Lynne singletary also joined 44 Business Capital as FVP, SBA Lending. Ms. Singletary brings over 27 years of commercial lending experience to her role and to clients of 44 Business Capital. She is very knowledgeable in providing advice on simple to complex SBA loan agreements where she mainly focuses on securing SBA secured loan solutions. Most recently, Ms. Singletary was Vice President and Senior Business Development Manager for the SBA at BankUnited. She graduated from Florida International University. Mrs. Singletary serves the Central florida Region.

Berkshire Hills Bancorp is the parent company of Berkshire Bank, which is transforming what the bank means to its neighbors socially, humanly and digitally to strengthen the financial potential of individuals, families and businesses in its communities while pursuing its vision of being the leading socially responsible omnichannel community bank in the markets it serves. Berkshire Bank provides business and personal banking, mortgages, wealth management and investment services. Based at Boston, Berkshire around $ 11.7 billion in assets and operates 107 branches in New England and new York, and is a member of the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index. For more information, call 800-773-5601 or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

44 Business Capital, a small business direct lending division of Berkshire Bank, provides SBA loans to small businesses. Small businesses are defined as businesses with less than $ 5 million in net income and less than $ 15 million in net worth. 44 Business Capital has offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Jersey, new York, North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, and Chicago, Illinois. Our customers include, but are not limited to, manufacturers, restaurants, professional services, retailers, wholesalers / distributors, and healthcare professionals. With terms of up to 25 years and fully amortizing (i.e. no purchase or balloon provision), these SBA loans provide long-term certainty in an uncertain economic environment. FDIC Equal Housing Lender member.

Media contact:
Marc DeNofio AVP, public relations manager
[email protected]
Phone. : (518) 322-5601

44 Corporate Capital Contact:
Greg Poehlmann
Senior Vice President
Phone. : (267) 434-2368
[email protected]

Investor Relations Contacts:
Kevin conn, SVP, Investor Relations and Corporate Development
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone. : (617) 641-9206
David Gonci, Director of Capital Markets
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone. : (413) 281-1973

SOURCE Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc.

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