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INTERIOR EMPIRE, California and ONTARIO, California, October 26, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Before creating and launching the innovative business growth program called Entrepreneur ecosystem, Hilda kennedy, Founder of AmPac corporate capital, a successful nonprofit community lender, started early in her career with a passion for helping entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.

The entrepreneur ecosystem includes co-working spaces, training centers for growth resources, and conference rooms available for entrepreneurs to meet.

Hilda first honed her financial expertise by working in local government. For the Town of Inglewood, she was chief of staff to the mayor; Executive assistant to the municipal director; then director of economic development. It was serving in this position that pushed her to fight for people that others had neglected. She started looking for ways to provide resources to business owners who weren’t getting them. As Hilda says, “I had to give The Possible to those who couldn’t afford it.”

As Director of Economic Development, Hilda established a $ 45 million loan fund, leveraging funds from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development with matching bank funds to provide finance to community businesses.

After leaving his post at the Town of Inglewood, Hilda’s mentor and successful businessman, Bill lowenstein gave him some advice: “Why don’t you get an SBA license and start your own community lending institution?” This is exactly what Hilda did and as a result the dream of owning her own lending business came true: AmPac business capital.

Bill then introduced Hilda to another successful businessman, Larry Pohill who was impressed with his business plan. He became one of the AmPac early investors and was chairman of the founding board. Additionally, Larry offered to share his office space and staff with the newly formed company.

In thanks for Bill lowenstein valuable mentorship and support, the Collaboration Center for the Entrepreneur Ecosystem will bear his name: The Lowenstein Collaboration Center. In honour of Larry Pohill’s valuable contributions, The Pohill Business Sense training room will bear his name.

Desire to Focus on Financial Literacy Fuels an Idea

To continue growing her business, Hilda connected to a network of women business owners where she found women with the same resilience, passion and drive that she recognized herself. They were indeed an inspiration, but Hilda discovered that a few of her colleagues could have used her financial expertise in their early business decisions. Hilda recalls: “At one of the first meetings I was sitting next to a woman who had taken out a high interest fintech loan. She was worried that she would not be able to get out of it. Shortly thereafter, I learned of another female business owner who had a “loan” where she was paying an exorbitant monthly payment of. $ 4000 for a $ 50,000 ready and she had no idea how they were withdrawing it from her accounts. “

“The struggles of these women have strengthened my commitment to give more business owners access to legitimate capital with AmPac business capital. Over the years, I realized that we needed to expand our growth services even further. It was then that the Entrepreneur ecosystem concept was born. I am proud to say that The ecosystem of AmPac entrepreneurs unlike any other business growth resource. Under one roof, you have access to resource providers AND a capital partner. “

Hilda explains: “Capital resources are an important aspect of Ecosystem of entrepreneurs because lack of capital is one of the three reasons businesses fail. As a result, we constantly stress to business owners that in order to be successful and create jobs, they must understand their numbers and embrace business financial literacy. This goal is to make the best decisions about microloans, working capital loans, construction loans and / or business equipment loans. “

“The entrepreneurial ecosystem is unlike any other business growth resource. Under one roof, you have access to resource providers AND a financial partner. “

Favorable business growth in a targeted environment

The Ecosystem of entrepreneurs provides state-of-the-art training throughout the year to 5-7 entrepreneurs looking to start a business or refresh the ones they have with an 18-month program. In a stimulating and secure environment featuring Launch center, small businesses can access resources at all stages of their growth journey.

Resources and training bridge the digital divide through an in-person and virtual program in a COVID-19 friendly environment. This culture-strengthening effort is inclusive, inspiring, and faith-based with physical messages to support it. Entrepreneurs can also access:

  • Courses focusing on a range of growth aspects of entrepreneurship, such as one-on-one business coaching
  • A creative space for collaboration, idea sharing and brain activity
  • Ingenious space for local business related nonprofits to host board meetings with storage space for leadership transition if needed

Ecosystem of entrepreneurs Resource partners can also take advantage of Launch center as a development space where they can deliver their services under one roof, making it easier to collaborate for and on behalf of the small business client.

A range of resource partners will provide expert knowledge and advice to Ecosystem of entrepreneurs startups. Only a few include:

  • SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives)
  • Inland Empire Women’s Business Center
  • Inland Empire Small Business Development Center
  • CSUSB IECE – California San Bernardino State University – Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Hispanic Chambers of Commerce
  • Black Chambers of Commerce

Give your dream a chance to come true

From her early days as Chief of Staff until now, Hilda enjoys her journey and looks forward to continuing to help other entrepreneurs succeed with more resources. She said: “I am convinced that the Entrepreneur ecosystem provides a solid foundation of invaluable growth resources and access to capital that will inspire people to pursue their dreams of business ownership. “

Take advantage of AmPac’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, business owners can sign up for Ecosystem of entrepreneurs memberships that include a diverse range of service levels, from a 25-day punch card to a virtual level. For more information visit

Located in the new AmPac corporate capital the location of the office in the Inland Empire in Ontario in California, the Entrepreneur Ecosystem Launch Center is ideally close to the Ontario the airport and close to Highway 10 plus it’s also an easy connection to Highway 15. Tours are available. To book a visit, visit

Entrepreneur ecosystem Grand opening event

The invitation-only opening event will take place on Friday 5 November. Food and refreshments will be served. The celebration will include an inauguration ceremony, as well as visits and appearances by special guests.

Field archer, a Ampac business capital SBA 504 success story

Field archer, a jerky-making company with a long history floundered as its founders retired. The new owners, Susan kang and his partner took over the company as a “start-up”. Their “move-in” office was set up in a small trailer where the office staff barely had room to pass through and each person shared an office. The manufacturing space was also far from ideal for growth. It goes without saying, Field archer decided to find a more accommodating space to grow and increase sales.

The Ampac the team intervened to help Field archer by joining the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center and Security bank develop a new business plan and low cost, fixed rate capital to facilitate business growth.

Choose a location in the City of San Bernardino, a labor surplus area hard hit by the economic downturn, this women-owned company has successfully established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility that attracts well-known retail store names across national (including Starbucks®) who want to sell the private label jerky.

Coupled with its high-quality business model, Field archer is also socially aware. The company is strongly committed to serving American veterans as well as several other initiatives to support disabled and returning veterans.

On AmPac corporate capital
Founded in 2005 by Hilda kennedy, AmPac corporate capital is a certified non-profit lender whose mission is to finance and foster the success of businesses at all stages of their growth. During the pandemic, AmPac has helped over 650 small businesses with PPP loans and has helped thousands of businesses connect to relief grants in addition to providing a range of assistance to stabilize business operations. Since its creation, AmPac had financed more than 400 companies with more than $ 750 million to finance commercial real estate and equipment for further growth and success while creating more than 3,000 new jobs statewide. In 2017, AmPac was named SBA 504 Lender of the Year by the SBA Orange County and Inland Empire District, and received numerous other accolades.

AmPac's new headquarters will welcome the entrepreneurial ecosystem with a full staff.
AmPac’s new headquarters will welcome the entrepreneurial ecosystem with a full staff.

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