A young fruit seller tells how social networks have accelerated her business


Kajiado, Kenya March 25 – Young people have contributed to the growth of businesses, which has enabled them to strive in various income-generating activities to make ends meet.

In the majority of businesses in Kitengela Town, Kajiado County, you will find young people behind the counter who are all trying to make a decent living.

A quick Twitter search on Kitengela, you will find Njoki Fruits as one of the relevant topics. She went viral on Twitter after promoting her fruit business on the platform.

She sells fruits, juices, milkshakes and detox juices.

Njoki Daniel, popularly known as Njoki Fruits, is a young woman from Kitengela who is taking the town by storm.

The 24-year-old started the business when she entered university as a source of extra income and to help pay her tuition.

Unfortunately, due to unavoidable circumstances, she was unable to complete her studies, but took on the challenge of being independent and working on her own.

“I ventured into the business five years ago after investing 600 shillings and starting selling fruit in Kitengela. I would go to the offices and be chased away because peddling is not allowed in the offices, but some days I was lucky and they would allow me to sell the fruits,” Njoki explains.

Through her passion and commitment to her business, the mother-of-one was able to build a clientele and save enough money. She saw an opportunity to turn her hawker life into a physical store which she opened in 2021.

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“From peddling to opening a store has been a blessing for me, all those times I was kicked out of sales really taught me resilience. I saved enough and got this space where I now sell to my existing customer base and I have customers who would walk by and out of curiosity they would buy from me,” she says.

She attributes her growth to social media. “The online space has been great for me. I get a lot of orders from my social media platforms. And thanks to online delivery platforms, my fruits reach people who cannot be close to me.”

The only challenge she faces now is the trolls she may encounter on social media as well as extreme weather changes as the fruits cannot be found easily.

“During the cold and rainy season, it is really difficult to get the fruits that I sell. They are hard to find and suppliers are raising prices. I normally save rent for three months just to be safe,’ she added.

Njoki calls on young people to find something constructive to do rather than waiting for white collar jobs, saying that with hard work, resilience, determination and the power of social media, good can be created. business.

She hopes to expand her business and open more Njoki fruit branches in the future while giving unemployed women the opportunity to grow through employment.


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