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Long Island’s party scene is constantly changing, but one thing has remained constant since the pandemic began: people seek out experiences via trucks, trailers and carts that stop at their homes for parties. celebration, be it birthday parties, bridal or baby showers, weddings and so on.

The Mobile Man Cave, for example, is one of many new travel experiences. The lounge-style party trailer, owned by Benjamin Filippi, is lined with four TVs for games or sports tailgating.

Katey O’Connell, 35, booked the man cave for her boyfriend’s birthday party in the fall, where around 20 people had access to the trailer for five hours. “There were tons of great games. People watched them, played them. It was very entertaining,” she says of the encounter.

For those with limited space, a cart might be a more manageable addition. Amanda Lesebvre reserved the ice cream washed down with Tipsy Scoop cart for a work-related meeting over spring break – the plan was to set up in her Long Beach backyard, but due to the weather she hosted indoors instead, where the cart fits in” perfectly,” she says, adding that her guests “loved it.”

Here are four mobile experiences to check out right now:

mobile man cave

The Mobile Man Cave at a private “Tailgate-2-You” party in Kings Park.
Credit: Mobile Man Cave/Benjamin Filippi

Filippi, 33, has been in the party industry since he was a teenager, but it wasn’t until 2019 that he launched his own entertainment business – the Mobile Man Cave, a 25ft trailer that reserve for a game-slash-living room live.
The brick-lined mobile party room features televisions dedicated to one gaming system – Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo. One is hooked up to satellite TV for local viewing of games, shows and pay-per-view events.
Around 15 guests can fit comfortably inside the trailer with the double being able to use the outdoor space, intended for tailgating games like horseshoe, Kan Jam and cornhole.

Although the Man Cave does not offer food or drink, patrons can order their own catering. Each experience comes with at least two participants.

An in-home package costs $600 for three hours of trailer use. Each additional hour is $125. The Mobile Man Cave can coordinate the rental of inflatables, tents, etc. at an additional cost. It is also available for hire for tailgating and for B2B events. He travels to both counties and beyond.

CONTACT: 516-260-6195; mobilemancaveparty.com

COST: From $600

RENT BY: All year

Tipsy Scoop

A Tipsy Scoop basket at a wedding in Riverhead.

A Tipsy Scoop basket at a wedding in Riverhead.
Credit: Drunk Scoop/Melissa Tavss/Drunk Scoop

Owner Melissa Tavss, 34, says making ice cream has been a family tradition, dating back to the 1800s when her great-great-great-grandfather sold ice cream in Scotland.

She’s always wanted to make her own ice cream, but “it was very difficult to get the right consistency of homemade ice cream in a small tabletop machine,” she says, adding that she then started experimenting with adding ice cream. alcohol to his creations to sweeten them. their.
In 2013, she launched her own boozy ice cream cart in Manhattan where all of her ice cream featured up to 5% ABV (alcohol by volume); last year it landed in the Long Island market via a small storefront in Long Beach and starting this season Tavss began offering its products via carts for private events.

A minimum of 50 people is required to reserve the stroller, which comes with four flavors of ice cream (Tavss recommends ordering at least one non-alcoholic flavor); five toppings (glasses, Oreos, gummy bears, peach rings, whipped cream, chocolate and caramel sauces) and your choice of cups – plastic martini glasses or champagne coupes or paper cups. A participant will be on site for the festivities, which can be reserved for no less than an hour.

Take flavors like dark chocolate, whiskey, salted carameltequila infused dulce de lech churro, bananas drizzled with spiced rum, hazelnut coffee enriched with Cafe Patron and hazelnut liqueur and coconut margarita ice cream with tequila.

CONTACT: restoration@tipsyscoop.com; 516-608-0578; tipsyscoop.com.

COST: Starting at $399 for cart only; add $14.50 per person for a single serving of ice cream drizzled

RENT BY: All year

Long Island Airstream Gaming Experience

Inside the LI Airstream gaming experience at a fundraiser in...

Inside the LI Airstream Gaming Experience at a fundraiser at the Setauket Fire Department in Stony Brook.
Credit: Morgan Campbell

What started as a favor for a friend on his wedding night — handing out cigars and bourbon behind a table — in 2017 has turned into a career for Thomas Francis. He then launched his first Airstream Experience, in 2018, from a vintage trailer from 1972 which he called Long Island Cuban Cigar and Bourbon Experience.

Four years later, 39-year-old Francis has a fleet of more than a dozen airstreams, each offering their own unique experience. Last to start? A “completely next-gen” 34-foot trailer that hit the road in April fitted with gaming systems and an arcade.

“We have Xboxes, PlayStations, Nintendo Switches” in the airflow, Francis says, so at any one time up to 16 people can use the systems. There is also an arcade machine programmed with thousands of games. For kids, fridges are stocked with unlimited water, soda and Gatorade. Twenty people can sit comfortably inside.

There’s also a party in itself outside, with tailgate games like cornhole, Jenga and Connect Four. The 21-plus crowd can grab a beer, cider or wine from one of the taps attached to the outside of the airflow, where there are two additional TVs set up, along with Nintendo Switches and Tops.

The experience comes to your own backyard for $1,400 (without alcohol) or $1,500 (with alcohol) for up to 25 people; for more than 25 people, it’s $10 per person (without alcohol) or $30 per person (with alcohol). The parties last three hours and are accompanied by two “masters of the game”.

The retro-style airflow is available in both counties.

CONTACT: 844-542-4427; tliae.com

COST: From $1,400

RENT BY: All year

Forget me knots

The Forget Me Knots flower bar cart rental was a hit...

The Forget Me Knots flower bar cart rental was a hit at a baby shower in Sands Point.
Credit: Katherine Nunez Photography/Katherine Nunez Photography

Floral designer Jennifer Murphy, 35, and baker Amanda Sims, 33, owners of Wild Flour Studio at Stewart Manor, have expanded their offerings this season to include a fun, boho-chic cart available for special occasions. Wild Flour offers a handful of activities through the use of its cart, ranging from fresh or dried flower projects to making your own eucalyptus bouquet, centerpiece, wreath or bundles.

Wagon rental is $500, plus an additional $12-$15 per person for flower arrangements, and Sims’ homemade baked goods can be added to any package for an additional fee. Customers typically rent the cart for two to four hours, with a minimum of 15 people.

Murphy also has a more classic black and white cart available through Forget Me Knots.

CONTACT: wildflourstudiony@gmail.com, 516-563-5759; wildflourstudiony.com

COST: Starting at $500 for the cart only; $12 per person for flowers

RENT BY: All year


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