Where does equipment rentals have the highest search demand online in the United States?


Over 35,000 search keywords were included in Quipli’s analysis, a robust dataset with a significant sample size.

The number one market for finding equipment rentals in the United States is Houston, TX.

Miami, Austin, San Antonioand Vegas round out the top 5 equipment rental markets in the United States. See the full report.

“Understanding the importance of how local search behavior relates to equipment rental is critical for rental companies looking to succeed in their market, especially as the rental industry continues to We hope this study sheds light on the importance of equipment rental companies focusing on their online visibility, as well as revealing overlooked markets for small business owners looking to diversify. “, said Kyle Clementsfounder and CEO of Quipli.

The Results: Top U.S. Equipment Rental Markets

Using monthly Google searches for construction equipment rentals, Quipli determined that the following cities are currently the top 25 markets for online equipment rentals in the United States:

Ranking / City / Monthly Equipment Research

1) Houston, TX: 3710
2) Miami, Florida: 2810
3) Austin, TX: 2130
4) San Antonio, TX: 2080
5) Las Vegas, Nevada: 1690
6) Dallas, TX: 1480
seven) San Diego, California: 1390
8) Phoenix, AZ: 1370
9) Chicago, IL: 1320
ten) Los Angeles, CA: 1300
11) Denver, CO: 1250
12) Portland, OR: 1180
13) Cincinnati, Ohio: 1020
14) Sacramento, California: 1010
15) Columbus, Ohio: 960
16) Seattle, WA: 950
17) Indianapolis, Indiana: 940
18) Colorado Springs, Colorado: 930
19) Atlanta, Georgia: 900
20) Wichita, KS: 870
21) Charlotte, North Carolina: 830
22) Jacksonville, Florida: 810
23) Mesa, Arizona: 740
24) Omaha, NE: 737
25) Orlando, Florida: 734

When it comes to new construction, Texas is one of the fastest growing states, home to four of the top 10 equipment rental markets in the United States.

If you’re starting an equipment rental business or expanding into new locations, these 25 cities are the biggest markets to visit.

Complete the full report to view the top 100 cities for equipment rental research:


Using a tool called Keywords everywhere – a popular browser extension that provides Google keyword search volume data – Quipli was able to compile a list of over 35,000 keywords related to equipment rental.

This data was then aggregated by city, to obtain a metric indicating the total demand.

How do people search for equipment rentals?

Quipli found a series of common keyword variations that people search for when searching for local equipment rental companies.

The most common iterations were:

  • rent [city state]. Example: forklift rental denver colorado
  • [city] rent. Example: Forklift rental in Denver
  • Lease [city]. Example: denver forklift rental

Using 22 of the most common equipment rental products, Quipli evaluated these iterations for specific products in major US cities with populations of 50,000 or more.

About Quipli:

Quipli was founded in 2020 by a product team with roots in the auto rental industry, who saw similar needs among independent equipment rental companies looking to digitize their rental operations. Quipli Rental Software provides businesses with a single platform to manage their equipment inventory, accept in-person and online payments and pickups, and build their websites.



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