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I’m a small business owner on Maui, and our family business provides an alternative for owners who want to sell but don’t want to publicly list (or for other reasons, such as major repairs or a quick closure).

We repair, repair and return high-end properties to fund our goal of creating more affordable and accessible rentals for our community. We strive to bring value to our community and have a history of very satisfied past customers.

We have a small portfolio of rental properties in Hawaii that we use to provide below market housing to our community, and I want to offer landlords some guidance on how they can bring value to their community and feel good in their rentals without costing them dearly. silver.

Advice I share with owners includes not to reconsider pets. This problem has gotten out of hand and there is no reason for it. You will get better tenants who will stay longer and be grateful, just by allowing them to have a dog.

We also like to publicize the resources that landlords can refer their tenants to in the event of a rent arrears.

For example, we recently had a tenant struggling with health issues and falling behind, so we referred her to Catholic Charities of Hawaii who covered her rent for three months while she got back on her feet.

In most cases, the landlord is unaware that these resources are available, so tenants fall behind and often end up in an unnecessary eviction which is bad for everyone.

Greg Gaudet


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