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Each month, we profile a Connecticut small business, showcasing the ingenuity and innovation that drive the state’s economy. For the month of August, we spoke with Make surebased in Hartford.

InsureGood founder and CEO Meredith Messenger (left) pictured with CFO and CTO Brandon Messenger.

When was your company founded?


How many employees work for your company?


Who are your clients ?

Professional services companies with between 10 and 150 employees.

We have particularly strong expertise and experience working with financial services and data and analytics companies (such as CPAs, wealth managers and actuaries), marketing companies and technology companies.

What makes your business unique?

We combine strong operational expertise with risk management and insurance services to provide our clients with comprehensive programs that both protect and increase their profits.

Our proprietary Business360 process uses a variety of techniques to identify, measure and reduce risk while improving an organization’s performance through non-insurance solutions.

With our approach, every decision on how to manage risk is designed to improve our clients’ bottom line.

With our approach, every decision on how to manage risk is designed to improve our clients’ bottom line.

Clients who participate in our Business360 process recognize an average 17% reduction in first-year spend and improvements in their operational efficiency and risk profile.

More importantly, our business goes far beyond simply generating profits.

As a social enterprise, our business revolves around our mission to facilitate the entry of underrepresented populations into the insurance industry as leaders and owners so that we can begin to close the gaps in wealth that exist in our communities.

We do this by providing training, opportunities and capital to those who wish to work as operations and risk management consultants.

What’s a fun fact about your company or its history?

Our founder, Meredith Messenger, grew up with two parents who worked in the insurance industry and as a teenager she swore she would never work in the industry.

Fast forward 30 years and she’s been in space for over 17 years, and now owns her own business! Her parents regularly remind her of those early conversations and how right they were about the industry!

Why did you choose Connecticut?

The state is wonderfully diverse in terms of population and culture.

It offers an excellent quality of life, is well located and accessible to other major markets such as New York and Boston which are very attractive.

What is the biggest advantage of operating in Connecticut?

We believe our most valuable asset is our people, and the State of Connecticut can provide us with some of the best insurance and technology talent in the country.

How do you try to give back to your community?

As a social enterprise, we do everything we can to support our mission to create business ownership and leadership opportunities for underrepresented populations so that we can continue to have a positive impact on gender gaps. wealth and opportunities that exist within our communities.

In addition to our own business model described above, we host educational and networking events specifically designed to facilitate relationships and experiences that can help business owners and aspiring business owners meet the many challenges of owning and growing a business.

We also support and donate to local nonprofits and organizations that align with our mission and values ​​so they can continue to make important contributions to our communities.

Where do you see your business in five years? Ten years?

Our goal is to successfully facilitate the entry of at least 25 people by 2030 into the agency in roles of leadership and ownership of the communities we are part of, while facilitating and sustaining the success of the businesses that we serve.

In the longer term, we envision creating a national, boutique-style operations and risk management company, with an emphasis on professional services and specialized expertise in professional liability.

We hope to build a team of over 50 affiliate agents from diverse backgrounds with leadership and ownership opportunities.

If we are able to accomplish this, we enable economic and social growth that goes far beyond the success of our own business and truly begins to impact our communities on a larger scale by leveraging what we love. call it “the ripple effect”.

What is the main thing decision makers could do to make your business more competitive?

One of the biggest challenges is the availability of capital for start-up companies that grow and have huge potential to contribute to the state’s economy.

We believe that additional focus and broad, accessible financial support for more minority-owned businesses through programs like Connecticut Innovations could make a huge difference.


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