July 18 – OPINION: President Biden and the US Small Business Administration: Strengthening Build America, Buy American in Indiana | Columnists


The US Great Lakes states are known for their manufacturing. Indiana has a wide array of small manufacturers producing pharmaceuticals, medical devices, innovative technologies and more. Indiana Contractors also provide manufacturing support as a leader in manufacturing high and low tech machinery. According to the SBA Office of Advocacy, 81.73% of Indiana’s manufacturers have fewer than 100 employees, or 44.61% of Indiana’s manufacturing workforce.

Small businesses are fueling America’s pandemic recovery and, under President Biden, also our nation’s lowest unemployment rate since 1970. To bolster American manufacturing, the Biden-Harris administration launched a whole-of-government initiative to improve federal procurement and other US-led programs. Small Business Administration (SBA).

One Indiana manufacturer taking advantage of the SBA is certified company Dedrick Tool & Die, Inc. in rural Bluffton, Indiana. Deb Derick took over her father’s struggling fabrication shop in 2000 and, as she put it, “rolled it”, until she lost her main buyer. Dedrick sprang into action using a full suite of SBA products, services and financing to save her family’s business. Dedrick upgraded the equipment with funding supported by the SBA and worked closely with SBA resource partners at the Indiana Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the Indiana Procurement and Technical Assistance Center (PTAC), positioning his company to sell manufacturing services to local, state and federal agencies. , a clientele she had never explored.

The SBA meets entrepreneurs where they are and helps them sell their products and services to the federal government, securing President Biden’s vision of a future made in America by American workers. The SBA is the only federal cabinet-level agency dedicated to small businesses making goods and services produced in America, creating jobs, income and wealth, and providing millions of dollars in federal funding and contracts, as well as free business advice supporting underserved entrepreneurs such as as women, women of color and rural landowners.

The SBA helps entrepreneurs start, buy, grow, develop and recover from disasters.

Learn how by contacting Indiana | US Small Business Administration at www.sba.gov/district/indiana, or visit Small Business Administration at www.sba.gov. To recover from the pandemic, you have to buy American. To do this, our nation’s small businesses can turn to the SBA to help build America.

Geri Sanchez Aglipay is the Regional Administrator for the US Small Business Administration, Great Lakes Region V, covering Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Indiana, and Wisconsin.


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